The structure of this former social house built in the 50’s is mostly made of solid New Zealand native rimu, a blessing for a designer and evidently a strong inspiration in our work. Over the years, numerous alterations have reshaped the volumes, which make the house the perfect candidate for a “destructed design” inspired from the aleatory characteristics of nature.
Our work mainly concerns the kitchen area where constraints are concentrated. While harmonizing the kitchen with the living space, preserving the existing benchtop in rimu and offering a functional fully-equipped food preparation area despite the lack of space, the design must include a visually appealing dining space that would transport, aesthetically speaking, some guests miles away from a kitchen.

The use of contrasting colours and variations in ceiling height subtly outline a separation between kitchen and dining. A vertical distribution of the cabinetry with a darker golden accent finish brings some grandeur to the tight space. A play of mirrors accentuating the vertical lines and deepening the perspectives also enables to showcase precious items on display in a certain mansion style and visually re-center the room on dining table.
The colour palette is inspired from the houses’s direct environment, sun-burned greens, rich wood and darker muted blue.